Department of Anthropology (Kargil)

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Coordinator: Dr. Jaffar Ali Khan

Faculty Members:          Dr. Mohd Ali

                                            Assistant Professor

                                            Ms. Kanika Sharan

                                            Assistant Professor

                                            Ms. Tsering Chosdon

                                            Assistant Professor


 Programme offered:  Master in Science (M.Sc.) in Anthropology

Duration                       : Two years

Intake capacity           : 30 seats

Eligibility                      : Any graduate degree


The Department of Anthropology offers a wide range of approaches to the topics and area studies within the field, including evolution, human variation, archaeology, ecology, growth and nutrition, human genetics, health disease, environmental anthropology, linguistics, medical anthropology, forensic anthropology, political economy, anthropology of food, visual anthropology, tribal study and socio-cultural anthropology

The department provides students with excellent training in theory and methods to enable them to pursue post-graduate study in any of the above mentioned subfields of Anthropology.  Department is dedicated at educating student’s exposure to latest development in the field of anthropology.  The department is aimed to focus in providing students with comprehensive trans-disciplinary training in the various aspects of human beings.

The department is dedicated to conducting research in various sub-fields of anthropology such as palaeoanthropology, growth and nutrition, forensic anthropology, palaeoanthropology, molecular anthropology, archaeology, ethnography and visual anthropology. 


Anthropology is the study of humans, encompassing their biological evolution, cultural development, linguistic diversity, and social structures. This field seeks to understand the various aspects of human existence, past and present, and often involves a holistic approach that integrates insights from different disciplines. Studying anthropology can provide individuals with a rich and multifaceted understanding of human evolution, human societies, cultures, languages, human genetics, heath diseases, and the complexities of our species

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