Department of Zoology (Leh)

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The Department of Zoology of the University of Ladakh is one of the two science departments at the Leh Campus. It was established with the objective of increasing our understanding of natural history and exploring the fauna of the Trans-Himalayan part of the country. The department stands apart, from the rest of its national counterparts, as it provides a unique platform to peep into the biology of Palaearctic fauna. The department was established in 2019 with an intact capacity of 30 students in each batch and presently, with an enrolment of 43 students, stands aloof, among various departments, at both the Leh and Kargil campuses of the university. The department has established a well-equipped laboratory through the generous support of the University. 


To impart knowledge and skills in zoological science.

To undertake research projects in different fields, particularly on the diversity and distribution of fauna of the Trans-Himalayan region.

To publish high-quality research papers in different fields, particularly in the areas related to the diversity, habit and habitat, and status of animals present in the Ladakh region.

To prepare responsible trained manpower in animal sciences, teaching, and research.

To make students with responsibilities towards society and archive relevance of their studies for the betterment of mankind.


To instil in students the highest values of life, respect for nature, and a fundamental understanding of animal sciences through excellent educational practices and research.

Best Practices

Well-furnished Classrooms, adequately equipped laboratories with instruments, and specimens, highly qualified team of professionals with good academic and research backgrounds, early exposure of students to fundamental processes of natural science and life forms, Classrooms with Interactive Smartboards enabled with the latest ITC Tools. Conduct exposure tours within and outside Ladakh. Conduct field visits to study the local insect fauna and animal farm, poultry farm, and fish farm visit to get enhance applied Zoological skills. We also conduct seminars/interactive sessions to develop soft skills among students.