Centre of Languages


The Centre of Languages was established in 2023 with two foreign language courses in Chinese and French. The centre offers multidisciplinary courses under the new education policy, including certificate and diploma courses in two foreign languages. This centre determines to make the university vibrant and dedicated to the study of linguistic diversity and its preservation and promotion. This centre strives to offer a broad range of programs and courses in various languages in the coming academic session to meet the needs and interests of students and new demands. The centre provides a foundational language course, be it a foreign or an Indian language, to advance studies in translation and language preservation.Studying a language is all about learning how to communicate and connect with others in the true sense of one ethnic human entity while breaking all barriers and connecting people to enhance their mutual understanding, which ultimately opens the vista of people and professional life. Therefore, this centre fosters global communication skills and intercultural understanding.


The centre for Foreign Languages intends to provide an excellent academic grounding for students and researchers. It implies all the tools and approaches to understand the various aspects and methods of learning a language while keeping in mind the current importance and scope for learning and researching for multiple opportunities, which may prove helpful in widening our understanding and knowledge of the language.


The centre for Foreign Languages is to serve as a beacon of linguistic excellence, cultural appreciation, and global understanding.

Best Practices