Department of Economics (Leh)

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The Department of Economics is founded in 2021 with 11 students to PG courses. The Department of Economics, offers high quality higher education in Economics. The department offers the Post- graduate Programme i.e. M.A. in Economics.


The Mission and Objectives of the Department of Economics at University of Ladakh are:

· To deliver excellent, stimulating, research-led teaching for offering our students the skill to become independent learners and critical thinkers.

· To advance the student exposure, addressing academic, social and employ-ability requirements; to enable them for giving worthwhile research outcomes to the society.

· Prepare each student to participate effectively in socioeconomic activities as an informed citizen.

· To support and promote the research activities of our faculty, enabling research of the highest international quality and impact that feeds back in to our teaching to maintain programmes at the forefront of the discipline of Economics. 

· To broaden the range of regions from which we admit student. 

· To offer quality education thereby maintaining the highest academic standard in line with the international standard of education.

· To offer core, applied, and interdisciplinary courses to meet local, regional, and national aspirations, and development needs of the globe. 

· To equip students with suitable quantitative and analytical skills to enable them to successfully handle the complex economic challenges of the modern global world.

· To develop the students’ analytical, and decision making competencies together with those qualities of self reliance, responsibility, integrity and self-awareness.

· To help students think critically about the economic issues they confront in their daily lives, and develop a commitment to be actively engaged with policy issues in local, national, and global communities.

· To make students more aware of the local, regional, national and international issues that affect development so as to enable them taking a more informed and positive role in shaping the societies in which they live.

· To equip students with the ability to address the challenges of development and public policy determining the development of the nation.



To attain excellence in teaching and research in the areas of economic sciences thereby preparing professional leaders to think critically, read deeply, communicate effectively, and to address the emerging global challenges, and to deal with socio-economic-cultural-political realities. Imparting theoretical and applied knowledge of economics, Conducting research and public service through policy recommendation.

Best Practices

The department of economics is imparting lectures, tutorials, seminars in central heated class room equipped with Interactive Smart Board.