Department of English (Kargil)

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The Department of English was established in late 2015 at the Leh Campus of the University to cater to the educational needs of the students of Ladakh region. It was transferred along with faculty to the Kargil Campus in early 2020. It is one the most important departments of the University to give university education a foot-hold in the geographically remote region of the country.

The mission of the department from its very inception has been to offer academically rich programmes to the students of English Language and Literature in order not only to introduce them to cultures and world views of the people of diverse regional backgrounds but also to hone their linguistic, creative and critical abilities. The department aims to foster core constitutional aims and is driven by the values of moral integrity, honesty, compassion and inclusivity. The goals of the department are:

a.  To enable the students develop skills like general communicative competence and reading and writing abilities.

b.  To hone the critical abilities of students so that they can comprehend, appreciate and evaluate diverse cultural forms and practices.

c.  To make students able to compete in the job market not only in academic institutions but also in other socio-cultural and economic organizations.

d.  To create an educationally conducive atmosphere in the University so that all the stake holders are able to effectively contribute to the academic and infrastructural development of the institution.

e.  To help create socially responsible citizens.

To take forward the present syllabus revision at the Masters level, University constituted Board of Studies comprising of members of the department and from colleges. Two external experts reviewed the draft syllabus and suggested changes. After many revisions received inputs were added and syllabus was accordingly modified.

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