Department of Education (Kargil)

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The department of education, at Kargil Campus, University of Ladakh was established in the year 2022 by the University of Ladakh. The Department is committed to providing quality education to the students of the region. The department offers undergraduate (B.Ed.) and postgraduate (MA Education) programs in education, with an aim to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to become competent and compassionate educators.

The department is staffed with highly qualified faculty who are dedicated to providing students with a comprehensive understanding of the principles and practices of education. The department is committed to promoting research and innovation in education and is actively engaged in community outreach programs that focus on education and training. The education department at Kargil Campus, University of Ladakh, is a vibrant academic community that is dedicated to creating a better future for the people of the region through education


1.     Our mission is to strengthen pupil's learning through advocacy and teaching initiatives.

  1.  To develop competency and create an aura of imparting quality and finesse education to students
  2. to teach and train them innovatively with proper attention, focusing on their brighter career in teaching profession.
  3. to provide quality education to students in the region, with a focus on promoting social and economic development.
  4. to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in a rapidly changing world, while also encouraging critical thinking, creativity, and an appreciation for cultural diversity.
  5. The department is committed to fostering a positive learning environment that promotes academic excellence, ethical values, and lifelong learning

       To ensure education of equitable quality for all to fully harness the nation’s human potential.

       Improve quality and standards of school education and literacy towards building a society committed to Constitutional values teachers by providing quality Education.

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