Department of History (Leh)

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The department was established in the year 2021. Eight students enrolled for the masters programme. The students represented various parts of the Ladakh region. The total strength of the students grew to eighteen, with ten students getting enrolled for the masters programme in the year 2022. There are three faculties all specializing on the regional history of Ladakh. The department is dedicated to encourage students to get involved in further research in the various aspects of the regional history of Ladakh.


The department wants to promote studies in history, society and culture of Ladakh. Conducting a critical survey of the corpus of historical literature, sites and heritage monuments of the region and identify the scope for further enquiry in the existing historical studies will be the first step towards initiating the historical enquiry and investigation.


Department will strive to emerge as the premier Institute of Historical Studies in the region. Department will promote participatory method of learning by encouraging students to explore all the methods of historical research. The department values skilled and critically analysed historical studies and prepare students for tackling the complexities of historical enquiry.

Best Practices

The department encourage the use of latest audio visual methods of lecture delivery. Through minor project works the students are encouraged in making in-depth observation of the historical sites and collect oral traditions from their respective regions and contribute in the historical studies of Ladakh. The faculty and students are always motivated to participate in seminar and workshops. The department from time to time also organize such events and engage guest speakers.