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The NEP – 2020 provides an opportunity for the students to choose courses from the prescribed courses comprising core and elective courses. The courses are evaluated following the grading system, which provides uniformity in the evaluation and computation of the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) based on student’s performance in examinations which enables the student to move across institutions of higher learning. The uniformity in evaluation system also enables the potential employers in assessing the performance of the candidates.

Program Outcome: The program has been conceptualized with the aim to adequately train the geographers to address the problem and issues being faced in the contemporary times. The curriculum is being continuously updated so that new concepts, innovations, methodologies and approaches are incorporated to keep the subject in line with the changing trends at the global level. The students are expected to have a clear understanding of conceptual framework of the subject field of geography. The program prepares our students to place themselves as regional and urban planners, environmental managers, resource planners and cartographers etc. The program prepares our students for various competitive examinations so that they can carve a niche for themselves in the civil services.

Course Description: The M.A/M.Sc. Post Graduate Program in Geography is of two-year duration, spread over four semesters and comprising of 22 courses of 80 credits (15 courses of 4 credit, 6 courses of 2 credits and 1 course of 8 credits). The 22 courses are grouped into three categories – Core (18 courses of 70 credits, all of which are compulsory), Minor Elective (3 courses of 6 credits, to be selected out of 7 elective courses or MOOCs course) and Major Elective (1 course of 4 credit, to be selected out of 4 courses).

It is mandatory for each student to complete a Dissertation/project that will be assigned during 4th semester and will be assessed on the basis of thesis, presentation and viva voce examination

The department of Geography aims at quality teaching and research. The faculty members and the students are committed to realizing the objectives and mission of the University through its various academic and extension activities. The missions of the department may be delineated as:
To provide quality teaching of geographical knowledge adopting latest teaching methods, strategies and techniques.
To promote geography education to sensitize and aware students the needs, problems, issues, challenges, and prospects arising out of complex interplay between Man, Nature, and Technology.
To take up quality research taking theoretical and empirical aspects into consideration to provide solutions of human problems, issues, challenges related with time, space, physical objects, identities and differences, development, nature and man, etc. at global, regional and local levels.
To enhance sharing and dissemination of geographical knowledge and experiences through organising and promoting active participation in conferences, seminars, symposia, workshops etc. and through publishing research work at national and international levels in appropriate forms.

The vision of the Department of Geography is to provide its students with educational experiences of the highest quality, to conduct vital research that benefits society, and to serve our communities, from the local to the international. We are committed to outstanding teaching and scholarly activities within the framework of academic freedom, the diversity of people and ideas, a spirit of inclusiveness, and a global perspective.
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